The Softer Side of Leather

Watch your client’s eyes when they hold your ONE sample. You’ll see the pleasure of feeling luxury.

Classic leather albums are the best we offer our customers. You customize expressly for them, and each individual, couple, or family has a different vision of a perfect.

Finao has always offered a wide selection of classic, rich, and adult colors and textures of leather. For those of you who want more, here’s a peek at our softer side.

This year we are introducing some gentler, lighter shades. Pastels just feel good. The soothing hues evoke images of sweetness and innocence. There is serenity in our icy, paler blue. Find tranquility in first-of-spring green. Buttery yellow, gentle wisteria, and cotton candy pink. All give a sense of openness and calm.

Sometimes nothing but a soft shade can express love declared over white silk and pink peony blossoms…

and capture the fragile innocence of the newest little people…

or suggest the secrets of milk baths and white lace.

Pastels add more range to your cover designs.

  • These shades perfectly flatter an image stripe without being the center of attention.
  • Pair your favorite with our new navy leather for crisp, icy contrast.
  • Focus and intensify the hue by combining with pale neutrals – white, ivory or dove grey (you will love our new pale grey leather!) 
  • Combine with one of our pastel metallic pearl leathers to flatter your favorite fairy-tale princess (you’ll see the metallics soon!)

How many emotions will these colors evoke?

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