Opaline Discontinued – NEW Euro Ivory 

We have replaced our Opaline Leather with our NEW Euro Ivory Leather, which is part of our recent 2022 Swatch Update. Euro Ivory has a slightly cooler hue than Opaline, with no yellow undertone. Unfortunately, our Opaline Classic leather is no longer being manufactured by our vendor and will no longer be available. Please remove it from your swatch kit. Instead of throwing itContinue reading “Opaline Discontinued – NEW Euro Ivory “

2022 Holiday Order Deadlines

It’s that time again, and we’re ramping up to help you make it through the last busy season of this year! We want to help you stay organized and smiling, with happy and satisfied customers, by shipping your time-sensitive orders for delivery by Friday, December 23rd.  Here’s what you need to know:

COVER MATERIAL UPDATE: We are replacing “Passion” red leather. Click here for more details.

We are sad to report that our distressed red leather, Passion, is no longer being manufactured by the vendor. We have a limited amount in stock, so are intensely seeking a replacement. This has been an unprecedented year of change for our suppliers, and it seems like a new challenge is around every corner.  Continue reading “COVER MATERIAL UPDATE: We are replacing “Passion” red leather. Click here for more details.”


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