Satisfy Your Most Discerning Matted Album Customers

photo credit: Karen Hagerman

Your customers deserve the very best hand-crafted albums available. Both of Finao’s models have been honored as PPA Hot One award winners for Best Traditional Matted Album. Our Boho pagemount mat design was chosen in 2018, and the nextONE with overlay mat styling in 2014.

  • Multi-award winning
  • 4-week delivery
  • Attractive price point
  • Traditional craftsmanship
  • Boutique customization

Meet Boho

photo credit: Karen Hagerman

Boho brings Finao’s signature fresh styling to the classic pagemount-style matted album. It combines simplified design and ordering with the time-honored details like trimming and hand-mounting each photograph to float within the frame of the mat.

Meet nextONE

photo credit: Tony Hoffer

The nextONE is a revolution in overlay matted albums. It requires no special software or templates—you are free to easily create any design and combine matted and flush mount pages.

Master Printing

The quality of our printing completes the beauty of these albums. Our master printer, Phil Heese, has matchless skill and experience in personally producing your images.

Cover Options

A host of custom cover and detail options easily make your creations unique. Our boutique company values mean that if you don’t see what you need, we’ll make every effort to build it for you. An attractive price point that will surprise you, and our average 4-week delivery time make Finao’s matted albums a very smart business choice.

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