The Softer Side of Leather

Classic leather albums are the best we offer our customers. You customize expressly for them, and each individual, couple, or family has a different vision of a perfect. Finao has always offered a wide selection of classic, rich, and adult colors and textures of leather. For those of you who want more, here’s a peekContinue reading “The Softer Side of Leather”

Sometimes Work is a Little Like Play

You guys are fantastic! We asked for your ideas and feedback, and the emails rolled in. You confirmed some of the freshen-up plans we already had, and added some of your own interesting ideas and requests (yes, the new color names will be a little more “family friendly”). Choosing new cover materials has been aContinue reading “Sometimes Work is a Little Like Play”

Introducing Barnwood, the first of our new materials for 2019

Welcome to 2019! As promised, we’re refreshing our material options. Your new customers will have the attractive choices you’ve requested, and your loyal customers get a fresh selection. Wood is a natural material that never goes out of style, coordinating well with changing decor. It’s a choice to love today and years from now. OurContinue reading “Introducing Barnwood, the first of our new materials for 2019”

A Change is as Good as a Rest

It’s time to take a nice, deep breath – the order deadlines have come and gone for the 2018 holiday season. While most Finaons are still busy printing and building and shipping your beautiful creations, some of us are already looking forward to the new year. In 2019 we have some special things in storeContinue reading “A Change is as Good as a Rest”

Introducing another material you’ve wanted – Bamboo!

Just in time for the holiday season! Beautiful blonde bamboo is now an option for our presentation boxes, album covers, and inset panels–any product where our natural woods are available. It creates a stunning presentation box in the Tribeca, Casa, or Chelsea. On bamboo you can engrave a lasting text inscription or laser etch anContinue reading “Introducing another material you’ve wanted – Bamboo!”

Tribeca—for those with an appreciation for the finer things in life

Meet Tribeca, the fourth in our matted display box series! You loved Chelsea’s acrylic cover, so we’ve taken it a step further with our most dynamic design yet. Tribeca’s options offer a timelessness that complements every setting, from glorious vintage to dramatic modern The three cover choices change Tribeca’s entire look and feel. At itsContinue reading “Tribeca—for those with an appreciation for the finer things in life”

MORE BOXES – complete with shiny sale price

If you’re coming to Portrait Masters then you will be able to see these beauties up close and personal like. If not, oh look, PICTURES (and you will have to wait until the next convention or show near you for all the up close and personal like). In the meantime, and to entice into tryingContinue reading “MORE BOXES – complete with shiny sale price”

Fall Trend report 2016 part the fourth: The grande finale where I give up the ghost

Well, if you’ve been following along this week, you’ve seen what happens when Lisa is left all alone on her side of the office with no one to talk to other than aloe plants* and birds outside at the bird feeder. “Oh, hello little guy. Aren’t you a handsome fellow? No, wait! Don’t go!”….sigh WhereContinue reading “Fall Trend report 2016 part the fourth: The grande finale where I give up the ghost”

Fall Trend Report 2016 pt 3: Where Pantone turns me into a mermaid

Ok, well not really. But if I was going to turn myself into a mermaid, I would totally shop the Mertailor because his stuff is AWESOME! But I digress. No friends, today we are inspired by Pantone’s new Seaglass palette from their 2016 Fall Trend report. Let’s have a look-see, shall we? So calm, soContinue reading “Fall Trend Report 2016 pt 3: Where Pantone turns me into a mermaid”

Fall Trend Report 2016 pt. 2: Today we take a look at Pantone’s Sunset palette.

Welcome to part two of our Fall Trend Report, or as I like to refer to it..Pantone vs. Finao FIGHT! Well, not so much of a fight really but an inspirational journey and a colorful meeting of the minds. Yup, that’s it. SO, let’s take a look at what our colors are today. Get readyContinue reading “Fall Trend Report 2016 pt. 2: Today we take a look at Pantone’s Sunset palette.”