The Metallic Leathers of our 2019 Collection

Beautiful, heirloom albums are not the basics of life–we are in the business of selling luxury. The look and feel of a supple, gleaming leather cover says indulgence louder than any words can.

Your customers obviously love metallic. Every gleaming leather, vegan leather, and fabric we have is popular. But we wanted to take them a step further. We chose luscious metallic leathers that are both supple in texture and subtle in appearance. They will make exquisite covers.

Five new shades join a couple of your old favorites.

These images just can’t do them justice–you’ll truly appreciate the quality when you see the swatches for yourself.

Corruption captures our new shades of bronze, gold, and silver on a black nubuck background. What a Too- or Three- Tone combination these will make.

Carbon Steel has a perfect balance of darkness and reflected light. Saturday Night Special is your versatile favorite–moonlit silver

Mermaid Tail and Moonstone are palest aqua and creamy ivory with a pearly metallic luster. They will add just the right amount of glamour to your gentler subjects.

What do you think of our new metallic leather choices? Let us know at We love to hear from you 🙂

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