Introducing another material you’ve wanted – Bamboo!

Just in time for the holiday season! Beautiful blonde bamboo is now an option for our presentation boxes, album covers, and inset panels–any product where our natural woods are available. It creates a stunning presentation box in the Tribeca, Casa, or Chelsea.

On bamboo you can engrave a lasting text inscription or laser etch an image of your choice. Play with the possibilities for your customers who crave something truly unique.

Bamboo is an attractive and long-lasting choice. Your customers may also love it because:

  • It’s an environmental powerhouse. By far the most rapidly renewable and sustainable source of natural veneer and fiber.
  • Versatility. The silky blonde finish is timeless and neutral. It coordinates with any setting, décor, and of course, image!
  • The feeling. Bamboo is a natural reminder of tropical climates, sunshine, and warm breezes. In the winter we can all use a little of that ambiance!

Try bamboo today—you’ll love it. Choose it for your 2019 studio samples!

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