A Change is as Good as a Rest

It’s time to take a nice, deep breath – the order deadlines have come and gone for the 2018 holiday season. While most Finaons are still busy printing and building and shipping your beautiful creations, some of us are already looking forward to the new year.

In 2019 we have some special things in store for you.

We’re planning to rebalance – provide the products and services you need most, paired with some of what you just want. The basics sweetened with some extras that make life easier and a little nicer. Finao is like your favorite dessert—it needs occasional variation to keep it fresh. We’ve decided that it’s time to make some changes to our menu, and how we serve it.

Don’t panic! We think you’ll love what’s coming.

It’s always great to hear from our Finao family! We troubleshoot, share your successes, and listen. We’ve heard that you value the perennial Finao features that your business and customers need most—our focus on quality products and skilled crafting, good neighbor service, and dedication to being your partner in prosperity. Things that work well should never change. But you’ve also had a wish list for us.

In the beginning, we built the Finao brand by offering uncommon extras, letting you blend your style and your customers’ taste in unique and creative combinations. Over time we’ve built a HUGE set of options; too many to keep them all. We’re going to keep the favorites you depend on but send some things into retirement. And offer some new choices.

We’re planning to:

  • Rebalance our rainbow, adding new cover colors that your customers request the most.
  • Focus on the material types and textures that show your work to its best advantage.
  • Introduce some fresh products and new options that make our classics serve you even better.

And because life is full and busy, you need them in a way that is simpler and user-friendly.

We’ll make your life easier with:

  • A streamlined website that’s easier to learn, navigate, and order.
  • Tools to simplify lab orders and album design.
  • A product balance with beautiful options that don’t require a design-time commitment.
  • On-point customer loyalty and frequent buyer program with rewards you value.

We’re planning to roll out these improvements over the coming months. But we won’t keep you in suspense. We’ve already begun introducing some new twists on products you already enjoy and will let you know as new things are ready.

What do you want to change?

In the meantime, we want to hear from you.

We are your album company. There is still time to share your thoughts and suggestions. Let us know if you would be willing to take part in an online survey of the decisions we know you care about. Email your ideas and questions to info@finao.com, with the subject line “Change is Good.” Or use the form below. We may not be able to respond to every email, but you can be sure we are listening.

Together we are in the business of making the world more beautiful. Finao values individuality, customization, and self-expression; we will always work with you to make sure that is possible.

We want to help you have it all.

May you and your families have happy holidays and a fabulous new year! See you in 2019.

Everyone at Finao:

Amy. Ana. Anna. Bethany. Bomi. Denisse. Dorian. Elizabeth. Evelyn. Felipe. Ileana. Irma. Janet. Jimmy. Jin. Ji Sung. Jose. Josue. Julio. Keith. Kwang. Kyung-Hwa. Lisa. Lucy. Lynsey. Maria. Mayra. Mercedes. Migdalia. Mike P. Mike H. Nena. Olga. Patricio. Paul. Phil. Sal. Scott. Steven. Tomas. Tony. Zhiming.

And our office puppies Chewbacca, Delilah, Layla, Louie, Maizey, Oliver, and Walter.

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