A Leather USB Box Your Customers Will Love

USB Box in metallic Carbon Steel leather complements a matching ONE album.

A professional client package is like a classic outfit—coordinated and a little different than what everyone else is wearing. Add to a sale by pairing your albums with our tiny, matching USB Box. If you include digital files in your studio packages this makes a perfect add-on or client gift.

Now you can add digital presentation to match your favorite Finao album

Crystal and gunmetal USB in 8GB or 16GB

This fresh, petite book design is 4”x5”x1”, just the right size to never get lost in the back of a drawer. The black linen and velvet interior pairs with any of our cover materials, including leather! Like on our albums, you can customize the cover with foil imprinting and your studio brand. The box has a light magnetic closure to keep the drive secure but that won’t harm your image data.

This box has a roomy interior with a coordinated elastic holder that will accommodate and secure any size or shape of a USB drive. Pair with our crystal and gunmetal USB in your choice of 8GB or 16GB, or purchase a box separately to present with your own studio-branded drive. Choose for one or all your clients as we have no minimum purchase quantity.

USB Box in crisp Ground Fog linen
This casebound box won’t seem out of place on a bookshelf.

We’re starting with simple options in order to get these to you for the fall busy season. In 2020 we’ll add USB etching and additional options (in keeping with popular demand, of course). Sample pricing is not available.

Add a USB Box to all your album orders this season!

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