Excite Your Wedding Clients with Fresh Studio Samples

Finao’s flagship ONE in Shameless white embossed leather and an Armor
metal cover panel. © Adam Opris

Be the photographer everyone wants to see
at 2020 bridal shows!

Your images are gorgeous but with so much competing for client attention, creative cover styles and coordinated packages will entice brides to take that critical second look.

Invest in yourself with refreshed studio samples. Finao has the products and options to make you stand out. We are your hands-on business partner–call or email for a free consultation on what we can create to highlight your brand.

Our sample recommendations.

  • Show your most recent images. Your professional skills and style improve every year. Let clients choose based on the best work you offer right now.

  • Wedding trends and client tastes change with the season. Take advantage of our 50 new cover materials that appeal to a wide range of tastes. Display our new, streamlined swatch kit to show that you can provide the personalized choices couples want.

  • Take the opportunity to upsell custom options. Clients fall in love with unique cover images, panels, leather combinations, imprinting, and leather and cut-out combinations when they can see and touch them. When you work with a boutique album company any dream is possible.

Our Best and Brightest Albums

The ONE is our flagship wedding album. It is handmade by experienced craftspeople and designed to last for a lifetime. This flush-mount album can be customized in every way imaginable, with most options readily available in our online ordering process. Create timeless elegance with our giclee inkjet printing on cotton rag papers. One-of-a-kind can be easy!

The NextONE series of matted albums represents the pinnacle of style in current wedding trends. Everything old is becoming new again. For your most discerning clients we are one of the few companies with the skill to create traditional details such as round spines, page gilding, custom cover lining, and image lining paper within the mats.

Finao MUSE in Cloudy Day vegan leather with a cameo cut-out image. © Nelly Saraiva

MUSE is our newest and most versatile album. It offers amazing quality at a mid-range price point. Leather covers are available to create elegant parent albums to match the main wedding product. 

MUSE creates a solid impression with medium weight, rigid pages, and sleek modern spine styling. Add custom flair by combining any two cover materials or adding imprinting, a photo wrap, photo panel, or cameo image cut-out.

Finao playBOOK in Moonshine pearl metallic vegan leather with a photo panel cover.
© Danny Dong

For the many kinds of extended families, our playBOOK creates a beautiful and affordable compliment album for grandparents, siblings, and best friends. This is not a press-printed book–all images are back-to-back portrait grade photographic paper with amazing color and clarity.

Make your playBOOK special by adding cover imprinting, a photo wrap, photo panel, or cameo image cut-out.

Add a beautiful floating-image SOLO to your upscale wedding package. Choose from Acrylic ICE (shown), metal Armour, exotic metal Erotika, and classic canvas finishes.
@Danny Dong

Check out our playPAL add-on albums for bridal parties and anyone you love. Coming January 2020 reduced prices, new cover choices, and no minimum quantity when purchased with a ONE series album.

Order your bridal show samples today!

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