Finao – a poem

Sit back kiddies. It’s story time at Finao. Are you comfy? Good. Let’s begin…

A few months back, before WPPI, we ran a “procrastination wins” contest to give away full conference passes to 3 lucky winners. One of candidates, Suzanne Pressman of Pressman Studio promised us a poem if she won. Guess what? She did, and at WPPI she made good on her promise and gave us this poem.



You are the one
the Finao One
beautifully bound
finally found
The One is for me
from marriage to family tree

You’ve got craftsmanship,
you’re so very hip
You quote Cobain
You’re a little insane

Fine art giclees…
What can I say..
they make people happy everyday.
Double groove.
You’re groovy.

You so nice
Don’t need to think twice
Ya got the right attitude
Those albums, just set the mood

Thank you Finao
taking me to the tradeshow!
Pressman Studio representing!

– Suzanne Pressman

How awesome is that?!?!

Thanks Suzanne 😉

L :l

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