Comparison: Finao Metal Album Covers

Erotika Metal Cover by Finao Albums.

Finao’s endless material and cover design options allow you to create totally unique and custom looks for each client.  We seek out anything that’s different, edgy, fashion forward and modern so that you can present your clients with the most stylish choices in the industry.  With so many choices, I am often asked to compare the differences between some of our offerings, most commonly, the metal upgrade options offered for the Finao ONE and artONE flush mount albums.

We absolutely love the look of metal, and offer three different metal cover options for your Finao ONE and artONE flush mount albums: Bullet, Armour and Erotika.  Let’s take a look at what makes each of them unique; a little comparison and contrast, if you will….

Photo depicting the three metal upgrade optoins offered with the Finao ONE and artONE flush mount albums. Bullet: a plain brushed metal cover, Armour: a laminated metallic print on metal base, and Erotika: laid ink on metal where highlights are dropped and metal shows through.
Finao offers 3 distinct metal cover options for the flush mount ONE and artONE album lines.

Bullet: Simple and sleek, this brushed metal front cover panel is accompanied by your choice of leather.  This is a plain cover with no printed image, however, etching is available in a selection of fonts that can be viewed here.  Bullet is available on flush mount ONE and artONE books sized 8×10 and larger.

Armour: A printed metallic emulsion mounted to a thick metal base and then coated for protection from scratches and added durability.  The metals in the print give your photo a very fine shimmer that just adds beauty to this stunning cover option.  Since this is an image cover, any text or personalization that you may want to include can be designed directly into your cover image.  Armour is available on flush mount ONE and artONE books sized 8×10 and larger.  Free sizing templates are available at

Erotika: Your custom cover image is laid onto a brushed metal base-cover using inks.  Erotika couldn’t just be left like that, however; we take it a step further and drop out the highlights so that the sleek, sexy metal peeks through.  You can actually feel the different levels of ink on the metal as you run your fingers across its surface.  Erotika is perfect for images with high-key or blown-out areas and can also create a very cool effect on black and white images.  Like the Armour and other specialty image covers, simply include any personalization into the cover image.  Erotika is available on flush mount ONE and artONE books sized 8×10 and larger.  Free sizing templates are available at

ALL specialty front cover panels including these and the ICE, Canvas Panel, Magical Mystery Glass and Bebbalicious need to be paired with one of Finao’s amazing leathers for the spine and back.  The faux and fabric materials won’t do the trick, so luckily Finao offers more leathers than anyone!  Make sure you stay up to date with your swatches and also stay tuned for some more tasty custom Finao materials that we’re developing now!

See what others are saying about it!  Drop by our Facebook and Pinterest pages for tons of photo examples submitted by other customers!


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