Valentease ’em in 2014

With Finao, there are endless ways to Valentease your client’s special someone! Not only does Finao have 17 different colors, textures and materials in the color of love but we also have a great selection of products that are perfect for creating the ultimate tease. Got something to hide?  Consider a Portfolio Box (available inContinue reading “Valentease ’em in 2014”

Valentease ’em

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, so get in the mood with Finao’s ultra sexy leathers, linens and silks and get under our covers! Love Junky from Finao’s “Fragments” collection of leathers is anything but boring.  From it’s seductive suede finish to the tantalizing texture and tooling, this luscious leather will have you, andContinue reading “Valentease ’em”

DITA VON TEESE ‘EM FOR VALENTEASE DAY | a color palette for Finao leathers

HAPPY 2010! Fashion Fridays are BACK! Well, ok, ok, I’m squeaking this one in under the wire…barely. However, it’s still Friday in Nashville and I’m reporting from the road and it’s been one heck of a day. From the late pick up at the airport, to the missing luggage, the quest to get it backContinue reading “DITA VON TEESE ‘EM FOR VALENTEASE DAY | a color palette for Finao leathers”