Pricing Simplification

The new year, in it’s typical fashion, is ushering in change in Finaoville.  Things will be even easier with our new PRICING SIMPLIFICATION! Remember all those cents on the ends of the dollars?  Kiss those goodbye. Remember how 10×10 ONEs were priced the same as 10×14?  Not anymore!  They’re going down to live with 9×9,Continue reading “Pricing Simplification”

Attract the photography clients you want

I’ve never met a photographer that had a goal to be the cheapest. I’ve never met a photographer who wanted to get the cheapest clients. In fact, quite the opposite is true.  As I speak with photographers I hear things like: I’m not where I want to be yet, but I’m getting there. I’m workingContinue reading “Attract the photography clients you want”

Selling Albums in your Photography Business

I received an email from a client who was commenting on an email she received from another album company.  She felt that company was basically saying that photographers should sell albums at cost because albums are good for your business.  I certainly won’t take any issue with albums being good for your business, they are. Continue reading “Selling Albums in your Photography Business”

Selling Boudoir & Glamour Photography

Let’s talk glamour and boudoir sessions. These images tend to be of a more personal nature and the sale of wall portraits (the typical goal in portraiture) might be difficult, or even ill-advised.  With these types of sessions, a photographer can risk low or no sales if there is not a specific plan to makeContinue reading “Selling Boudoir & Glamour Photography”

Price Adjustments

Pricing has always been extremely important here at Finao.  We keep our profit margins low in order to provide high-quality products to more people at a fair price all the time; and with that fair price you also get the added value of choice that is custom tailored to you and each of your clients. Continue reading “Price Adjustments”

A Few Words About Pricing

We get a lot of questions from photographers on how much to charge for an album. There was a recent phone call where the photographer was sitting with her client and repeating the prices we were giving her.  Oy.  People, this is a business.  A favorite Christine-ism is, “It’s not a customer if you can’tContinue reading “A Few Words About Pricing”