Valentease ’em in 2014

With Finao, there are endless ways to Valentease your client’s special someone! Not only does Finao have 17 different colors, textures and materials in the color of love but we also have a great selection of products that are perfect for creating the ultimate tease. Got something to hide?  Consider a Portfolio Box (available inContinue reading “Valentease ’em in 2014”

Introducing the Addiction Collection

We’re ecstatic to present you with amazing new fabrics for use on your Finao ONE, artONE, playBOOK, Elements and Rave albums! Just one taste of these tempting textiles and you’ll be hooked. A mélange of textures and hues to fix any craving. Silk, mohair and linen. Go ahead, get addicted. We know you don’t likeContinue reading “Introducing the Addiction Collection”