New cover materials for Seldex products

Seldex just added some new cover materials to their range!  We just adore them and know you will too! 13 new linens were added! These can be used on all Seldex products including the Portfolio Box, Gallery Albums, USB Print Boxes and more. 8 new leathers for your Gallery albums are available too! We’ve alsoContinue reading “New cover materials for Seldex products”

New Finao album cover materials have arrived!

Feeling like it’s time to update your album offerings?  We thought so too!  This season brings us 16 new materials for your Finao albums! We’ve added 6 additional vegan leathers to our existing Happy Cow collection, and we are also super proud to announce 10 more woven fabrics in a brand new collection called Wonderland.Continue reading “New Finao album cover materials have arrived!”

Stand out from other photographers: 10 new things to help you seal the deal.

Finao introduces 10 new gorgeous album cover materials. As if we weren’t already the industry leaders in choice, now there’s even more for your clients to fall in love with! Rich hues and luxurious textures rule in this shiny new collection of fine fabrics from Finao.     Indulge in a taste of the goodContinue reading “Stand out from other photographers: 10 new things to help you seal the deal.”

More to love about Twin Sets!

There’s more to love about Seldex’s matted Twin Set albums! 7 newly added Asahi fabrics join the line-up!  Now your matted album with coordinating clamshell box and ribbon tie is available in the full Asahi fabric line. ORDER YOUR TWIN SET NOW! Super easy self-assembly makes them great for stocking in your studio, or optContinue reading “More to love about Twin Sets!”

Swatch Kit Updates

Are your Finao swatches up-to-date?                       Here’s what you can do: 1. Check out this detailed blog post and compare it with what you’ve got. 2. If you have a leather kit, make sure that you have the version of the Fragments card that hasContinue reading “Swatch Kit Updates”