NEW Portfolio Box Options!

As if they weren’t spectacular enough already, the Seldex Portfiolio Boxes have some new options that you are simply going to ADORE!!! Natural Blend Linen Cover This new cover material option adds a little yang to your yin where there were only black fabric options before.  This one should bring some light to the bunchContinue reading “NEW Portfolio Box Options!”


A lot of people think that we pretty much just work with wedding photographers to make wedding albums, and although that is a big portion of what we do, it’s definitely not the only thing we’re into.  Boudoir photography has really been growing in recent years and many of the photographers that work with usContinue reading “Boudie-licious!”

WTF! (We’re Talking Finao) – Products for Seniors

Hey All!  Jamie here with another edition of WTF! (We’re Talking Finao!) and the topic today is Products for Seniors.  Finao’s got you covered with some AWESOME albums and peripherals that will round-out any senior package! My #1 recommendation for seniors is the Elements line of albums.  These self-mount albums are easy to assemble (checkContinue reading “WTF! (We’re Talking Finao) – Products for Seniors”

How will you celebrate Earth Day?

Happy Earth Day, Everyone is asking today “What will you do to celebrate Earth Day?” Change to an energy efficient light bulb? Lower your heating/cooling? Turn off the lights when you leave the room? At Finao, we try to celebrate Earth Day every day. If you have never read it, you should check out ourContinue reading “How will you celebrate Earth Day?”

LUDICROUS PASSION? | Our best of boudoir month – putting it all together

Well kiddies, I hope you have had an inspirational month for boudoir and Valentease Day via our Fashion Blog. For the last three weeks we have focused on all the major material groups across the various product lines we offer. Each week we were inspired by a different person or time period. Now, however, doContinue reading “LUDICROUS PASSION? | Our best of boudoir month – putting it all together”


Greetings from LONDON! Welcome to another edition of Fashion Friday. We are continuing this week with another boudoir-inspired color palette. This time, however, we are going to look at Seldex materials for matted albums and folios. Remember to check your material to make sure it’s available on the product you want to use. Are youContinue reading “THE ELEGANT STYLINGS OF JOSEPHINE BAKER | a color palette for Seldex”


Brrrrrr….it’s cold! I’m going to continue to think warm this week by taking a look at what Pantone has picked out for it’s Spring 2010 colors. It’s grading time folks, let’s see how Finao does: FINAO LEATHERS: A- The leathers appear to be the clear winner this round. They are the closest matches to ourContinue reading “PANTONE FASHION COLOR REPORT | spring 2010”

BEACHY CLEAN | take your theme to the beach

Back again for another edition of the Fashion Blog. It’s cold here! I don’t know about you but I could totally use a day a the beach where the sun is warm so that is my inspiration for this week. Our imaginary client this week wants a Beachy Clean wedding so let’s take a lookContinue reading “BEACHY CLEAN | take your theme to the beach”

PUNK PRINCESS | an edgy (but girlie) theme

Welcome back from the break! I hope everyone had a pleasant holiday. We return to Fashion Fridays this week with the look at recommendations for the Punk Princess. She may be a bit edgy and a bit rock ‘n roll so what would you offer her? How would you keep it fun? How would youContinue reading “PUNK PRINCESS | an edgy (but girlie) theme”