Brocades Discontinued

We’re sad to have to say goodbye to some long time friends.  As of March 2015 the Brocades collection will be discontinued. Argento, Dusk, Lady Danger, Lion’s Gate, Nehru and Sultan Spice will not be replenished as stock runs out.  They will remain available in the order form as supplies last, but once they areContinue reading “Brocades Discontinued”

Valentease ’em

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, so get in the mood with Finao’s ultra sexy leathers, linens and silks and get under our covers! Love Junky from Finao’s “Fragments” collection of leathers is anything but boring.  From it’s seductive suede finish to the tantalizing texture and tooling, this luscious leather will have you, andContinue reading “Valentease ’em”