NEW! NAKED pages on Elements

Elements, the choice album for self-mount assembly, now come with three distinct page options: 1. Album Style – adhesive on all page-sides.   2. TXT Guestbook Style – adhesive on right page-sides only, left page-sides are blank paper for signatures.   3. NEW Naked Page Style – no adhesive on any pages.  Perfect for mountingContinue reading “NEW! NAKED pages on Elements”

In Stock & Ready to Rock!

Finao Elements & Seldex Gallery albums have an IN-STOCK ordering option for super fast delivery in case you ever find yourself in a time crunch. Same-day shipment* and express delivery options will make you the hero in any pinch situation! *Most orders. Same-day shipment is our goal if your order is placed before noon EST.Continue reading “In Stock & Ready to Rock!”