Welcome to Finao’s ZOMBIELAND!

It’s that time of year. The days are getting shorter. The trees are changing color (depending on where you live) and the ZOMBIEPOCALYPSE is upon us! Ok, well maybe not for real but it’s my inspiration for this week’s blog and seemed fitting for Halloween. Rule#19: Blend in. Now you can with our special ZOMBIELANDContinue reading “Welcome to Finao’s ZOMBIELAND!”

FINAO FIRST LOOK | Fragments preview

Happy Friday! It’s that time again and I have more sneak peeking instore for you today. Last week we looked at some of the upcoming Paraphernalia fabrics. This week I have a look at some of the new patterned leathers coming out soon, the Fragments collection. Patterning is going to be the big key withContinue reading “FINAO FIRST LOOK | Fragments preview”

FINAO FIRST LOOK | A sneak peek at some of the new Paraphernalia fabrics COMING SOON!

Happy Friday kiddies! I have a treat for you today. As some of our savvy website users have already discovered, there have been some new materials that have popped up on the website this week. That’s right, we have even more new materials JUST about ready to be launched. We do not have a setContinue reading “FINAO FIRST LOOK | A sneak peek at some of the new Paraphernalia fabrics COMING SOON!”

WHAT COLORS MEAN | the winter/fall edition

As you can see the Fashion Blog had a bit of a hiatus over the last couple of weeks due to some road travel and the like but WE ARE BACK and ready to inspire those of you out there looking for some fall and winter color ideas. In my endless search for inspiration IContinue reading “WHAT COLORS MEAN | the winter/fall edition”

Inspirations from New York Fashion Week

You can find inspiration anywhere you look. You just have to LOOK for it. This being the Fashion Blog, we were inspired this week by New York’s fashion week. All the big name fashion designers have been showing off their spring collections this week(Yes, they are already thinking spring.) and these palette ideas come toContinue reading “Inspirations from New York Fashion Week”

Finao meets the notorious Bettie Page

It hasn’t slipped past our attention that boudoir has made a comeback. Our Image Preview Boxes and Image Portfolios have been highly popular during this resurgence but what about taking boudoir up a notch? What about a boudoir album? For our fashion inspiration this week, we look to the ultimate pin-up girl…the notorious Bettie Page.Continue reading “Finao meets the notorious Bettie Page”

Pantone vs. Finao | Fall 2009

READY?   FIGHT!!! Yes, the fashion blog is coming to you a day ahead of schedule, why? After a week on the road I’m hoping to take tomorrow off and enjoy a niiiice long holiday weekend but I didn’t want you folks to miss out on this week’s fun. Now, as most of you realize, weContinue reading “Pantone vs. Finao | Fall 2009”

Making the most out of Masqueradiance

Well, for you east coasters the fashion blog is fashionably late today because it is coming to you live from Vancouver, British Columbia. That’s right we are on the road but I’m keeping my promise of providing some creative tips and tricks for using Masqueradiance to finish out our look at the new Mixed BagContinue reading “Making the most out of Masqueradiance”

Creative uses with CU29

Welcome back to another edition of Fashion Fridays. We are continuing this week with more of the recently released Mixed Bag collection. For this edition we will be looking at CU29. Now, does anyone know where we got the name CU29? It’s the name for copper on the periodic table and we found it appropriateContinue reading “Creative uses with CU29”

Mixing it up with Mixed Bag!

Welcome to our first ever Fashion Blog post. Our idea behind the fashion blog is to generate ideas, point out trends and help you find new ways of creating fun, funky and fabulous albums. With that being said…let’s hop to it, shall we? What better way to start off Fashion Fridays than by looking atContinue reading “Mixing it up with Mixed Bag!”