Sometimes Work is a Little Like Play

You guys are fantastic! We asked for your ideas and feedback, and the emails rolled in. You confirmed some of the freshen-up plans we already had, and added some of your own interesting ideas and requests (yes, the new color names will be a little more “family friendly”). Choosing new cover materials has been aContinue reading “Sometimes Work is a Little Like Play”

2015 Discontinued Materials

Sadly, we are saying goodbye to some of our very first non-leather materials. They are now marked as discontinued, but available while supplies last. PLEASE UNDERSTAND, THESE ARE NOT GONE FOR NOW.  We have lots and lots of stock of MANY of these materials so most of them will remain available for at least aContinue reading “2015 Discontinued Materials”


Got a wee bit sidetracked last week working on the super intensive project of updating cover designs. My apologies for missing last week’s Fashion blog but, all in all, it was time well spent and look for loads of new cover designs to be added to our Finao ONE cover design guide in the nearContinue reading “TOO MANY OPTIONS!?!?!?”

DITA VON TEESE ‘EM FOR VALENTEASE DAY | a color palette for Finao leathers

HAPPY 2010! Fashion Fridays are BACK! Well, ok, ok, I’m squeaking this one in under the wire…barely. However, it’s still Friday in Nashville and I’m reporting from the road and it’s been one heck of a day. From the late pick up at the airport, to the missing luggage, the quest to get it backContinue reading “DITA VON TEESE ‘EM FOR VALENTEASE DAY | a color palette for Finao leathers”

PUNK PRINCESS | an edgy (but girlie) theme

Welcome back from the break! I hope everyone had a pleasant holiday. We return to Fashion Fridays this week with the look at recommendations for the Punk Princess. She may be a bit edgy and a bit rock ‘n roll so what would you offer her? How would you keep it fun? How would youContinue reading “PUNK PRINCESS | an edgy (but girlie) theme”

DAMASK DARLING | A black & white theme

Welcome back again, folks! We are continuing this week with another theme for you. This time, what would you offer the Damask Darling who walks into your studio with a black and white theme? Sure you can do the same BORING black album or maybe even a BORING white album, but seriously folks, you areContinue reading “DAMASK DARLING | A black & white theme”

FINAO FIRST LOOK | A sneak peek at some of the new Paraphernalia fabrics COMING SOON!

Happy Friday kiddies! I have a treat for you today. As some of our savvy website users have already discovered, there have been some new materials that have popped up on the website this week. That’s right, we have even more new materials JUST about ready to be launched. We do not have a setContinue reading “FINAO FIRST LOOK | A sneak peek at some of the new Paraphernalia fabrics COMING SOON!”