Hurricane Update

Update as of 11-05-2012 Although the actual storm has passed, the aftermath of the event persists and will for quite some time.  We’re quite concerned about a lot of our people as many of them are still without power and now, with the gasoline supply dwindling in the Long Island area, are finding themselves “stuck”Continue reading “Hurricane Update”

Finao’s Fast Turnaround

Some exciting changes have been going on in Finao Land!  As you may have already heard, we had recently moved into a brand new production facility and during that move we did some workflow revamping and rearranging that has really paid off!  We know that time and deadlines are important to you in making yourContinue reading “Finao’s Fast Turnaround”

NEW Status Updates!

We’ve been busy little bees in Finaoville working on new and exciting updates that streamline procedures and help our customers save time and increase sales! Our latest convenience-adding feature is the addition of more detailed status updates each item in an order! Although there are far too many steps in the hand-crafted process to scanContinue reading “NEW Status Updates!”