For Album Design, Finao is Your Perfect Partner

One topic that sparks debate among photographers is album design. Some love every detail of the layout with obsessive fervor, while others run screaming at the thought of it. In peak album season, Facebook threads are full of frustration and avoidance, especially when working with a customer who is hard to satisfy. Then there’s theContinue reading “For Album Design, Finao is Your Perfect Partner”

Design & Order Albums: one-stop shopping with Fundy Direct

Do you appreciate saving time and keeping things simple? Do you often find yourself using the word “WORKFLOW” with your non-photog friends? Do you loath the thought of debating over which shade of brown leather best compliments the peach flowers in a bridal bouquet? Do you just want to scream if you have to rememberContinue reading “Design & Order Albums: one-stop shopping with Fundy Direct”

Create a high-end matted album without any special software!

April’s Finao Flavor of the Month brings us the nextONE™, a revolutionary matted album that allows you to incorporate matted prints and flush mounted prints in one design with no special software requirements! Remember the days of choosing mats, tirelessly planning, cropping, printing, trimming and fitting a bunch of little prints behind each of theContinue reading “Create a high-end matted album without any special software!”

QUICK TIP: Right-start vs. Left-start

Many people who are new to albums ask what’s the difference between what we refer to as a “right start” and a “left start”.  It’s pretty simple, but there are a few considerations you might want to think about before making your choice. (let’s use 10×10 as our example size) A right-starting album is theContinue reading “QUICK TIP: Right-start vs. Left-start”