Tips from the Top | Pepper Nix Photography

We asked some of our uber-cool and esteemed Finaons to share some of their secrets to success when it comes to using albums in their studios.  Pepper Nix, in addition to be loads of fiery fun, is a long-time Finaon and runs a highly-successful studio in Salt Lake City, Utah.  You can check out TONSContinue reading “Tips from the Top | Pepper Nix Photography”

Response to “State of the Industry”

I recently wrote a blog post sharing my opinion on the state of the industry. This topic generated a lot of responses and as I was starting to respond to one, in particular, I noticed the response kept getting longer so I decided that it was deserving of its own post.  This is what oneContinue reading “Response to “State of the Industry””

State of the Industry

I’ve been hearing talk and a few sad stories from friends that are well connected in the photographic industry.  Jeff Caplan, CEO of the Digital Wedding Forum, is my total go-to guy.  He has a handle on this industry and instincts I crave.  He tells me, “Some photographers are worried about sharp downturns in business. Continue reading “State of the Industry”

Bridal Shows – make it work!

Tis the season to be planning for upcoming bridal shows.  Some photographers swear by them and others feel they just aren’t worth the money.  Depends on the show and where you are located – some are great and pull in quality prospects, others, not so much.  Here are a few tips to make any bridalContinue reading “Bridal Shows – make it work!”