Buy Local

I see a Facebook posting making the rounds that calls upon people to purchase their holiday gifts from local artists and merchants.  Love the idea and love seeing this. As ordinary people we often feel like we don’t count.  Big banks, big business, big oil and Wall Street control the money and therefore our lives. Continue reading “Buy Local”

To Die or not to Studio Die

  I just have to say that EVERYONE who sells albums needs a studio die.  A studio die will brand all your albums in a classy and professional way.  A die is way cooler and more professional than just sticking your logo on an album spread via Photoshop before it gets uploaded to Finao.  It’sContinue reading “To Die or not to Studio Die”

Awesome Photos Wanted, Submit Now!!

UPDATE 10-24-2011: The submission period for this has ended…thank you to all of those who have contacted us to upload images. Do you want to get your work featured in our show samples?  We are looking for the best of the best work to be shown in our samples.    We need work of allContinue reading “Awesome Photos Wanted, Submit Now!!”

Getting Photography Projects Funded

Have you ever wanted to travel through Africa and put together a book of emotionally moving images of the people and their culture?  Have you wanted to document how children are impacted by the current economic hardship and loss of their home to foreclosure and do a gallery show with large prints?  Have you everContinue reading “Getting Photography Projects Funded”

MTH 101: Aspect Ratios & Scaling

The word alone strikes fear into the hearts of many (OH, God, no! It’s MATH!! Aaahhhgggrrrrhh!!), after all, most of us wouldn’t have gotten in half as much time hanging out in the darkroom at the back of the Art Studio if we had actually GONE to Math class. As if! But now we’re facedContinue reading “MTH 101: Aspect Ratios & Scaling”

WTF! (We’re Talking Finao) – Products for Seniors

Hey All!  Jamie here with another edition of WTF! (We’re Talking Finao!) and the topic today is Products for Seniors.  Finao’s got you covered with some AWESOME albums and peripherals that will round-out any senior package! My #1 recommendation for seniors is the Elements line of albums.  These self-mount albums are easy to assemble (checkContinue reading “WTF! (We’re Talking Finao) – Products for Seniors”

Do I REALLY need Photoshop?

While on the road, I’m often asked how people can use Finao and not purchase Photoshop.  It seems everyone has Lightroom these days but newer photographers are often faced with a tough choice on where to spend their software dollars.  Lighroom is the correct choice to start out, however it’s only a start.  Photoshop isContinue reading “Do I REALLY need Photoshop?”


Got a wee bit sidetracked last week working on the super intensive project of updating cover designs. My apologies for missing last week’s Fashion blog but, all in all, it was time well spent and look for loads of new cover designs to be added to our Finao ONE cover design guide in the nearContinue reading “TOO MANY OPTIONS!?!?!?”