We’re Committed To Craft & Sustainability

Here at Finao Albums, we value practicing sustainability in our craftsmanship. We understand the importance of our environmental impact and take responsibility for minimizing our carbon footprint.

Materials Choices

We do our best to make responsible choices in providing options for you and your clients.

We offer a variety of colors of quality vegan leather options that are available on all our albums and boxes. Our vegan leather has the look and durability of leather but is BPA & PVC-free and is an ecologically responsible cover option. Vegan leathers have a realistic leather appearance, a soft, supple texture, and are lightweight, and naturally stain resistant.

For those who prefer natural, genuine leather, we work solely with US-based leather companies who share our values. Contemporary leather practices favor tanneries that source their raw material as a byproduct of the food industry, converting wastage into valuable, durable, repairable, and recyclable products. Tanning processes have noticeably advanced with the development of reduced chemical and wastewater methods.

Did you know that our Packing Peanuts are Biodegradable?

We ship many products to our Finao family, so the impact of poor packaging choices adds up. We have always favored paper and plant-based materials. 

Unlike foam packing peanuts, which can take centuries to decompose, our biodegradable packing peanuts dissolve in minutes when exposed to moisture and warmth. They are entirely compostable and environmentally safe–you can add them to your backyard bin or community compost collection. Our challenge is to keep our office dogs from snacking on them!

Although foam padding may appear tidier to protect your album edges, we use tissue paper for its limited impact. And very soon, we are introducing cloth album bags to replace handmade paper and ribbon! Our bags won’t end up in a landfill. They are subtle, elegant, and a lasting way to protect albums from UV light. And can be repurposed in many ways.

Our Manufacturing BTS

Our BTS is important to us too. We conduct continuous quality reviews to reduce raw material wastage and minimize what we send to the landfill. And you may not be aware that usable silver can be reclaimed from photo lab chemicals. We focus on sourcing from US suppliers to reduce the shipping impact of raw materials, which is especially important in the current climate of supply chain delays and disruption.

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