Our Top Spring Favorites 2023

Trending Spring Cover Materials

With spring in the air, we’re falling for fresh, airy colors and floral textures to cure our winter blues. From soft pinks to powder blues, and energetic lavenders, pastels are the colors of the season and the perfect way to add a touch of whimsy to your work.

Deckle Prints

We love the handmade look and feel of deckled edge prints. Its handcrafted textured edges add a personalized feeling that highlights the beauty in imperfection. Because of its soft texture, it’s the perfect choice for studios that shoot any intimate subject matter, such as portraiture, light lifestyle, children, newborns, boudoirs, maternity, and intimate weddings.

The Astoria

The Astoria™ is our newest, handcrafted heirloom folio box handmade by our experienced craftspeople. Created exclusively with luxury and durability, this folio box introduces enhanced modern styling to a traditional clamshell box. Distinguish your IPS options with this stylish clamshell design. 

Custom Studio Dies

An artist always signs their work. Our custom studio imprinting dies are a fun, creative way to reinforce your brand image and promote your studio with custom metal die imprinting. 

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