Streamlining Our ONE Series

Streamlining Our ONE Series

We’re retiring the ArtONE and Boho album names.

Making album life a little simpler.

We’ve listened to your feedback on wanting a simpler site and product lines, and done our best to deliver. The ONE series now encompasses all our luxury line albums in two choices – flush-mount album or matted album.

We have retired the ArtONE and Boho names only. You’ll still be able to order these styles and options, with an easier workflow.

ONE Flush Mount Albums  – ONE and ArtONE Merge

ONE and ArtONE have always been as close as sisters; now they’ve grown up and are sharing an apartment. They have a lot of similarities, so this arrangement works out well.

  • Current ONE customers will see no difference when ordering.
  • ArtONE customers will now order a ONE, and choose a giclee / fine art paper from the printing options. To ease into the change, for a few months you’ll still see a separate ArtONE order button and the familiar order form.
  • All your ArtONE options remain the same.

NextONE Matted Albums – NextONE and Boho Merge

More like good friends than sisters, NextONE and Boho are similar but each has its own unique style of image matting.

  • NextONE is a contemporary Overlay style matted album; the mats overlay the images and hide the edges, just like a framed print. NextONE customers will order as usual but choose Overlay mat style.
  • Boho is a classic Page Mount style matted album; the mats cover a colored liner paper, and we mount your prints inside the mat opening so that a border of liner color shows; the effect is like a double-matted print.
  • Boho customers will now order a NextONE album, and choose the PageMount mat style.  All the options you are used to will be in the order form to choose from. To ease into the change, for a few months you’ll still see a Boho order button and the familiar order form.

Mat Style

Mat Style

No worries about change, we’re confident you’ll find it easy to get used to.

For now, our order forms have not changed (we’re refreshing those this fall). Have fun exploring, and be sure to read our one-stop What’s New list to catch up with introductions and updates you may have missed.

Contact us at or 888-346-2687 if you have any questions. We want to do everything we can to make this an easy transition.

Read your Finao emails. 

Stay tuned to email! Over the next few days, we’ll let you know about the main changes and things to look forward to.

We live for the ability to offer you options and customizations, but they outgrew our current site. We’ve listened to your questions and comments and used the feedback in our new web design. Let us know what you think–we’re still open for feedback while we add new features this fall.

Thanks for being part of the Finao Family!

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