It’s Mini-Season!

Halloween, autumn colors, Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, Christmas, and other winter holidays
are opportune times for mini-sessions.

Make the most of your short-session product sales.

Mini sessions are like speed dating. In a condensed time, you meet a lot of new people and give them a quick way to sample your work. These are teasers, a low-risk way to try you out. The ultimate end game is to develop a steady and lasting relationship with your more ideal clients.

The workload for mini sessions can be intense over a short period, so you want to make them as profitable as possible. Wouldn’t it be nice if every mini resulted in an extra product sale?

You may be introducing some clients to professional photography services for the first time. As you show the value of the shoot experience and your skills, take the opportunity to draw them further into the sales funnel by teaching the long-term value of print products.

Minis have advantages that can result in an immediate and long-term return on your investment:

Fast and Easy

The path to profitable mini-sessions includes an in-person sales appointment (even if it’s quick) with anyone you photograph, creating an opportunity to encourage investment in your more extensive regular offerings. But if clients limit purchases to mini-only products, view it as a quick and simple gateway to developing an appreciation for print products.

· Minis are not full, regular sessions, so offer different “mini-session only” products or right-sized packages.

· Limit to a small selection of product recommendations to promote faster, more decisive choices.

· If you sell on-the-spot, be sure to pre-order samples to display. Clients more often buy what they can see and touch.

Finao’s “While Supplies Last” materials may be a perfect choice for themed covers. This Playbook contrasts Crush, a golden-orange crushed real silk, with a black satin ribbon tie. A special combination that’s perfect for fall or Halloween, and we have plenty in stock.

· Our Playbook, Elements, and Reveal albums are value-priced and have a quick turnaround time.

· Many customers order Elements and Reveal as studio stock and add their own prints to the self-adhesive and slip-in matted pages for quick delivery.

· Elements and Reveal make it easy to create many, same-day albums, a lucrative option at Thanksgiving or the holidays when family members gather for a limited time. Who wouldn’t want to be that miracle worker?

Remember, it’s okay if you leave clients wanting more. You have created a valuable incentive to schedule a full session in the future.


Psychology and perception influence purchasing behavior – the concepts of supply and demand and limited edition still increase sales volumes. Tailor your print product options to maximize their exclusive value. Choose your mix to showcase products you don’t typically offer so you don’t devalue your full session.

· Mini sessions often have a theme or are near a holiday. Create limited edition album samples in theme-appropriate colors.

Capture all the fun of the little years with a Haloween-mini special cover design. This Elements in While Supplies Last Tangerine Dream vegan leather would also look great with black cover imprinting.

· Limit your theme choices to a small selection of cover materials so that clients can choose quickly.

· If you traditionally sell enlargements, add a tiny album. What if you could sell a “brag book” to every client?

· Finao offers a wide range of album sizes, and all have tiny options, some starting at 3×3″. These small, one-image-per-page albums will get carried and shared, and with your studio logo become the best advertising you can get from 10 to 20 photographs.

· Enhance your mini-session “event only” packages with limited-time incentives to order more.

In general, avoid overwhelming your clients with too many product choices or options. Finao offers endless options, but we’re also happy to help you curate a limited set that is perfect for your studio. Save the extra range of choices as an incentive for clients to come back.

The long-term relationship.

When minis are successful, you get exposure to new clients who can turn into long-term buyers who love your full sessions. Delivering an incredible client mini-session is worth the effort—it’s usually easier to keep these happy customers than to find new ones.

This Reveal slip-in matted album could be the first of many a growing family creates with your studio. In Croquet fabric with an image cover panel.

From the outset, frame the general purpose of the shoot as more than capturing images. The end goal is to provide lasting products to enjoy every day for a lifetime.

Treat everyone as if they have the potential to become a high-value client. And then listen. Focus on their needs and enjoy the process of helping them choose products that will make them happy. Being positive without forcing anything feels good for everyone, and helps your packages sell themselves.

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