Meet our Newest Finaons!

Alexis, Audrey, and Lauren. With Comet, who has RBF down cold.

We love it when the family grows…

When we reopened after the COVID-19 shut down we had a lot of work to catch up on! So it was time for some new Finaons. Our turnover is usually very low, so it’s rare to introduce three new people at once. These ladies are unique and very different but fit like complementary colors.


Alexis is one of our new Customer Service Specialists who solve your problems by phone and email. You’ll recognize her by her soft, even voice and chill approach to life. Alexis is a native Michigander who loves laid-back time with friends, movies, and a good book. Her dry sense of humor is a hint that she may be one of the quiet ones that surprise us. Most days you’ll find her at the crack of dawn at a local mixed-martial-arts gym, asserting herself with rude males. Alexis has a passion for boxing, so maybe she’ll tutor the rest of the women in the office (yes, we do have a heavy bag in the warehouse 🙂


Audrey is Finao’s newest graphic designer. We are lucky that their true love lives in Michigan and was the motivation for relocating from Eureka California. They are known for their extensive collection of band swag – Twenty-One Pilots and Panic at the Disco should seriously be paying them for product placement. Audrey’s spirit is an interesting contrast to the black t-shirt look, as they leave a trail of sunshine behind them. Maybe it’s the California roots 🙂

Audrey has added their trusty wing-man, Comet, to the Finao house-dog group. He is a feisty mix of Chihuahua and a clandestine puppy daddy with blue-white eyes. But don’t let his stern photo demeanor fool you, he is an unapologetic snuggler and can usually be found between a lap and a keyboard.


Lauren is the second of our new Customer Service Specialists and has a sweet and soothing personality. She is the mama-bear heart of their family of two boys, two dogs, and a half-dozen chickens! Lauren is a true Michigan girl who loves everything outdoorsy – fishing, archery, and off-roading. As a teen she raced go-karts and dreamed of being the first woman in Nascar, so you know she has a winning spirit! And we love the homegrown veggies she brings to the office 🙂

The best part of this trio is is that they fit so well and know how to have fun together. That adds a lot of positive energy to our office. We hope you enjoy working with them as much as we do!

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