Not today COVID – we’re back!

Production has resumed – order now!

Yay New York for getting healthy! On May 27th Governor Cuomo reopened our region and we are thrilled to get back to making your albums. We prepared in advance and were ready to go, beginning with orders paused in production and those placed during our shutdown.

Understandably, many of you saved your orders until now. With a concentration of orders, we will initially experience some delay in turnaround. Exactly how long will depend on the concentration of orders. For now, it looks like no more than an additional week or two. We’ll know more in the next few days, but we have a great team and will work to get back to normal as quickly as possible!

Our customer service and administration office in Michigan is still unusually quiet – we are furloughed at home until mid-June. A few of us are pitching in to keep the lights on and answer your calls and emails. We are here for you, but with a skeleton crew so we may be a little delayed in reply. Thank you for bearing with us a little longer 🙂

Safety First!

But COVID? Protecting health for you, your customers, and our staff is a priority.

  • We’ve moved to separate work shifts so that only half of our folks are in production at any time. Even at full capacity, our facility has more than 500 sq. ft, per person, so increased distancing is easy.
  • We do temperature health checks every morning (the infrared thermometer looks like a Star Trek phaser 🙂
  • We provide all staff with PPE of gloves and masks and require them.
  • We’ve increased general disinfection and also have hand sanitizer and spray cleaners at every workstation.
  • Our staff can avoid NY public transportation. We have always had carpool vans for those who don’t drive themselves.
  • We typically have few visitors, and we will limit individuals coming for local pickup of their orders to the lobby area.
  • According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the World Health Organization (WHO), the risk of transmission of coronavirus from a package is very low.  Packages usually ship over a period of days and it’s not likely that the virus would survive longer than 24 hours if exposed in our facility. In any event, you may feel more comfortable by disposing of the packaging material after opening and washing your hands as usual.
  • We are ready to create a quality and safe product!

The waiting was hard…

Thank you for being your wonderful selves, even in these trying times!

We talked with a lot of Finaons during the past two months. Your studios were shaken and stressed like no other time, and we understand and care.

A few of your customers REALLY wanted their albums. Some have been patient, understanding that none of these changes were within your control. A few have not, and you had to deal with anger and lost revenue. 

Thank you for your understanding when we couldn’t deliver as usual.  Our pitch-in staff is an adaptable crew, wearing many and different hats and learning on our feet. But without the usual links in our communication chain, it took longer to find answers, and some things slipped through the cracks.

We appreciate your support, loyalty, caring, and just hanging in there with us. We are in the 2020 boat together,
and your success is important to us!

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