Finao, Interrupted.

Our best intentions from last week were no match for the reality of COVID-19. Finao’s production facility in New York will comply with the Executive Order mandating that all non-essential businesses cease operation. In Michigan, we begin a Shelter in Place Order today. We all must do our part for the greater community good.

For the first time, we will take a brief hiatus from making albums. But like all the adjustments everyone is making right now, this will be temporary.

Online ordering is fully functional. Place your order now to be at the head of the list as soon as we restart production.


  • The parts of Finao that can stay in operation will.  At our Michigan location, we can work from home, so we are still here to:
    • answer your calls and emails,
    • create album designs.

  • We completed and shipped as many orders as possible on Friday.

  • If you have placed an order that is not complete, we will email you soon to confirm your status.

  • Seldex in Australia is still in operation. Some Seldex product orders are already on their way from Australia, and you should receive them later this week. Any new orders that don’t include printing done here in NY will ship as usual. What a great time to stock up on slip-in mats, boxes, and DIY matted albums that you can create with your own prints!

  • As soon as permitted, we will restart production. As conditions allow, the state government will likely permit partial staffing and build from there. We’ll be up and running quickly through the contingency plans we had developed in response to the initial orders requiring 50% and 75% reductions in staff. We are adaptable!

  • When we restart production, we will complete them in the order they were received. As always, though, if there are special circumstances, please contact us. We’ll do what we can to help.

You have all been on our minds; we’re so aware of the challenges and uncertainties you face. We wish we had answers, or advice, or something concrete to offer, but right now, we don’t. There is no way to predict the future, but during the rebuilding and recovery of 2020, we will be here for you in whatever ways we can.

Hang in there and take this one day at a time. Our condolences to the extroverts in quarantine–please don’t lose your minds before this is over!

Keep in touch, share compassion and goodwill, and wash your hands!

Your Finao Family

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