Be inspired by MUSE…

l-r Photo Panel on Mulberry Wine linen, © Abby Rose Photo;
cutout on Rose Quartz linen, © Nikki Lenae Photography

Finao has a new mid-range album,
and it’s all because of you!

2019 has been our year of reconnecting and listening–to what you need to refresh your brand and build sales. Achieve that with an album that’s in the sweet spot of quality, simplicity, and exceptional value – the MUSE.

We get it. You’re craving something to shake things up a bit. To refresh your presentation. You want to engage your clients and sell an album every single time. The sales you deserve stem from offering the right products. It’s time to try something new.

8×8 with 4×4 cutout on Periwinkle linen with ribbon tie

For many of your clients, success is in simplicity. MUSE is our most versatile album – streamlined but special, quality but affordable, custom but uncomplicated. This album comes with:

  • 10 flush-mount, lay flat spreads in classic Fuji Lustre or velvety Fuji Deep Matte photographic paper
  • Medium weight, rigid pages with a just-right hand feel. They’re luxurious, but extra pages won’t add a lot of extra weight
  • Your choice of black or white cover lining and flyleaves
  • Lifetime binding with a smooth, square spine that suits any style
  • Your choice from ALL our brand-new cover materials, including a leather upgrade
  • Just the right number of customizable cover options, including:

4×4 cameo cutout image

12×12 with cameo cutout in River Deep leather, © The Lifestyle Dogtographer

Photo Wrap cover

Photo Wrap © Dew Photography

Photo Panel cover

Photo Panel with Moonstone metallic leather © Danny Dong Photography

Tone accent stripe

In your choice of material – Rose Quartz linen with Avocado velvet accent shown here

Metallic foil imprinting (debossing)

Silver imprinting on Metal Head vegan leather

Ribbon closure

White satin ribbon on Asphyxia shantung silk

Life is demanding, and it’s easy to feel like just another rat in the race. Your image products may be the only truly custom-built purchase your customer makes. That can be powerful—this is the moment to make them feel special. Strike a balance between simple and custom to maximize the creative experience and they will come back!

Are you ready to refresh?
Every creative needs a MUSE.
Yours is authentic Finao.

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