Fresh looks for Finao albums

It’s been a long time coming, but they’re finally here! Our new swatches are on the website and the kits are ready to order. You don’t have to wait until they arrive–if you see something you like, order albums. We are ready to roll.

This was a challenge, as Finao serves the widest range of photographic specialties in the industry. That suits us to a T—we are the all-inclusive album company. And we love the unique expression of your talents. Thanks to everyone who sent requests and feedback about what works for your brand and your customers. Our simpler and more manageable swatch kit was designed with you in mind.

Because you took the time to visit and read this blog, you are now officially our favorite Finaons! Just for you, here’s an exclusive look at everything that has changed.

Save 20% on the full kit!

On sale until September 31, 2019, no coupon code required.

What’s New? (see website for the juicy details)

  • An entirely new box and swatch format.
  • Larger swatches to work with.
  • Reduced kit prices.
  • Reorganization – no more themed collections.
  • First-time extras.
  • Rebalanced color palette.
  • New material types.
  • Family-friendly swatch names.
  • Old favorites are still available.
  • No more plusOne surcharge.

The Finao Leather Collections

Come standard in the Full swatch kit & Leather kit

Beautiful, heirloom albums are not the basics of life–we are in the business of selling luxury. The look and feel of a supple, gleaming leather cover say indulgence louder than any words. With 27 shades and textures to choose from everyone will find something they love.

  • Classic Leather. These have a buffed surface for more even and reliable grain and color. Eight new choices and five old favorites.
  • Metallic Leather. Metallics have always been popular. Our new choices have a more supple hand and subtle appearance. Five new shades join an old favorite.
  • Distressed Leather. These selections exhibit the best of natural leather, with multi-tone depth, natural surface textures, or a rustic, well-loved feel. Two new selections compliment six returning choices.
L-R: Chalkboard, Miami Ink, Carbon Steel, Tin Soldier, Ashes, Saturday Night Special, Turtle Dove, Seaglass, Mermaid, Forget Me Not, Wedgewood, River Deep, Wisteria, Elderberry, Rothschild, Passion, Girlie Girl, Biker Chic, Bronze Age, Carrigan, Bomber Jacket, Dulce de Leche, Golden Opportunity, Myrtle Beach, Moonstone, Opaline, Optimism.

Textured Leather. These embossed patterns and color combinations make eye-catching album covers and beautiful stripe accents. We’ve said goodbye to a few of these beauties but kept eight of the crowd-pleasers. If you love one of our more unique choices, they are available while supplies last.

L-R: Suspicion, Ludicrous, Cabana, Secret Garden, Corruption, Shameless, Harlow, Chyna.

The Finao Non-Leather Collections

Come standard in Full swatch kit & the Non-Leather kit

Vegan Leather. These choices are always popular among those who love the look and feel of leather but want something a little greener. With the bonuses of durability and natural stain-resistance. Six new shades complement eight classics.

L-R: Texas Tea, Stone Cold Crazy, Cloudy Day, After Midnight Blues, Blueberry Hill, Purple Haze, Cinnabar, Bad Bad Leroy Brown, Metal Head, Pine Bark, Lioness, Gold Digger, Moonshine, Absolute Zero.

Velvet. These new, traditional velvets have a short, silky, and dense pile with an even texture and rich hand feel. Choose from nine luscious shades. For those who love our embossed velvets Flourish and Affluence, we have added Eclipse, a deep black with the same swirling paisley design.

L-R: Eclipse, Silver Fox, Extra Olives, Avocado, Peacock, Blue Valentine, Vintage Rose, Magenta, Affluence, Red Dahlia, Marigold, Flourish.

Linen. Of all your requests, natural linen was the most common. Fifteen shades of these crisp, lighter fabrics complement our two new and six returning thicker, linen-weave favorites.

L-R: Moonless Night, Splendor, Ground Fog, Herb Garden, Kiwi, Blue Jade, Dress Blues, Lady Moura, Caribbean Sea, Amethyst, Periwinkle, Blackberry, Mulberry Wine, Raspberry Sorbet, Cardinal, Coral Reef, Rose Quartz, Estate, Nobility, Cheshire, Almond Milk, Button Down, White Rabbit.

Fabric. What can we say—some favorites you just can’t part with. We’ve kept a mix of 11 classic fabrics with textures from silky Asahi to crisp Buckram. They complete our palette of color and texture.

L-R: Gothika, Shady, de Sade, Earl Grey, Hypnotique, Asphyxia, Liplock, Stiletto, Croquet, Sumptuous, Whiteout.

Wait, there’s more!

Photo paper. Do you order the same image paper for every album? Go beyond the default and interest your customers in their best match from samples of our four photographic papers and four fine-art giclee pigment papers.

Missing is our brand-new addition, Hahnemuhle Photo Rag Metallic Fine Art Paper. It is amazingly beautiful! Light reflection from the metallic ink in the paper tooth creates a three-dimensional effect. You’ll be tempted to check for a pulse!

Wood. For the first time, our wood veneer samples will be included in your kits. The timeless beauty of the wood will make album covers, accent stripes, and boxes that never go out of style. This year we rounded out our collection of natural woods with rustic Barnwood. Our new website will introduce gorgeous wood laser etching from your graphic.

L-R: Walnut, Cherry, Birch, Bamboo, Smoked Oak Barnwood, Brown Oak Barnwood, Grey Oak Barnwood.

Screen images just can’t do these leathers and textiles justice – you’ll just have to see them in person!

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