Happy 12th Birthday Finao!

What a difference a year makes.

Writing and photography have one thing in common—looking at work from the past makes it easy to recognize change. When I reread the birthday blog I wrote in 2018 I realized that we truly are achieving the goals we set for this year. How often can you say that?

It was time to refresh the company, to evolve into Finao beta. We did a lot of reflection and planning, and added fresh ideas and energy. Blended the experience and foundation of the company with some new perspectives. There is amazing positive energy linking our east-coast and mid-west offices. We work hard, but some days it feels like a dry tailgate party with super talented people. There’s a lot of love and respect here.

We wanted to continue to offer everything you value—top quality products, personalized customer service, and a working relationship that sees you for the unique creative you are.

We try to live those values every single day.

Now, once in a while, life can derail you. Little things like moving 18,000 square feet of giant steel tools 15 miles and setting up house again.

Being settled feels good, and we’re even getting around to hanging the pictures! A big bonus—our new production facility in Syosset, NY has a customer showroom. If you’re ever on Long Island, call us and come for a visit.

Another goal was to design and offer new products and services. This year we’ve brought you our stunning Tribeca box and a redesigned Casa. Bamboo and Barnwoods. Contemporary album design service, and our must-be-seen-to-appreciate Solo luxury wall art. The best is yet to come…the upcoming launch of our new website will include a new flush-mount album. The features place it between the ONE and the playBOOK. For all of you who have wanted a baby-bear, just right for everyone album.

The new website will be a reorganized and simpler place for us all to do business. With it, we’ll also launch our new album cover materials. Your new selection will be a varied but manageable 94 choices (down from 143), presented in a sleek, petite take-anywhere box.

Our last goal was to stay close with old friends and family, but to also develop new relationships. New Finaoans have been loving our $100 first-order credit. We want to make it easier for you to buy samples—got to show it to sell it.

I smile whenever I review an order from someone who has been with us for more than 10 years, and there are a lot of you! With the hoard of album options on the market, not as many of you are still 100% Finao product studios. We want to change that! Now that the bulk of our rebuilding work is done you’re likely to hear from us this summer, to find out what you need to make that happen.

Last July I was still getting my feet wet in this field, learning a million things at light speed. With another year under my belt, I see it from a different perspective. I’ve learned that photo industry practice and competition has changed so much—for you and us.

Your customers can buy digital-only packages and print their own. You can purchase from a lab-factory spin-off that churns out an album in two days. Or, customers can value your full services as the artist and designer you have invested years in becoming. And you can buy lifetime products from us that have been crafted by the minds and hands of 20+ skilled craftspeople. We share common values. When we stick together, we all succeed.

Make a wish when we blow out the candles.
The cake is on us!

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