Coming to Finao: The Luxurious Feel of Velvet

We are in the business of luxury. Fine photography is a gift that your customers give themselves to capture and celebrate the important moments in life. A beautiful album is art that enriches us.

It wasn’t surprising that we received requests to add velvet cover materials. This fabric has evoked images of luxury since the 14th century. It is sumptuous—symbolic of power, wealth, and indulgence, thanks to a smooth touch and often brilliant tones.

Our new swatches will include a selection of traditional velvets. The type we’ve chosen has a short, silky, and dense pile with an even texture and rich hand feel. We’re beginning with a focus on jewel tones, paired with a couple of gentler shades.

Velvet will work for you in so many applications—to capture the gentle softness of newborns, the warmth of a winter wedding wrap, or the sensuality of the boudoir.

For those who have loved our embossed velvets Flourish and Affluence (above), they will be joined by a matching black with the same swirling paisley design.

What ideas do you have for velvet?

*** not all new colors are shown. We have to save some surprises 🙂


By customer request, we will continue to stock 50 Shades gray leather until the new materials are available. Then you’ll have three choices of grey leather in pale dove, a medium, gently distressed tone, and a supple charcoal.

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