What You Need to Know for our Transition to New Cover Materials

Change can be good, and a refresh of our cover materials is long overdue. You sent feedback, we researched materials and had lots of discussions. Now the choices have been made!

We’ll be ready to roll out our redesigned swatch kits and to full production in July, with a new and improved website. In the meantime, here are some details to help make the transition smoother…

  • Your choices grew over the years – we have more than 140 options! The new streamlined set will be about 95. That’s enough to meet the needs of photographers from every genre, but a little more manageable.
  • 90 choices will be discontinued from our current selection. We have labeled these in the order forms as “Available while supplies last.”
  • While you’re always free to, we recommend that you do not choose discontinued materials for your sample albums.
  • For now, all leathers and non-leathers that you can purchase are included on our materials pages without status — we don’t want to confuse your customers if you use these. https://www.finao.com/products/one/materials.
  • Discontinued styles will not be included in our redesigned swatch kits or on the materials pages of our new website, but as long as we have your old favorites in stock you will be able to choose them on the order pages.

But don’t panic…

  • We are introducing 47 new choices, in leathers, vegan leathers, true linens, and velvets.
  • Some of your discontinued favorites (e.g. Chesterfield, 50 Shades, and CU29) are simply being replaced by very similar, but better materials.
  • We encourage you to keep sending us feedback on the materials you and your customers love. We plan to make annual, smaller tweaks to your cover choices from now on.

Some materials are already out of stock and will not be reordered. Please note that these are no longer available:

Leathers Non-Leathers
50 Shades Brandywine
Baby Boi Faded Jeans
CU29 Narcissism
Glitteratzi Silver Screen
Goddess White Downs

Keep watching your email…over the next few weeks, we’ll start to give you a peek at what’s coming. We know you’ll find things to love!

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