For Album Design, Finao is Your Perfect Partner

One topic that sparks debate among photographers is album design. Some love every detail of the layout with obsessive fervor, while others run screaming at the thought of it. In peak album season, Facebook threads are full of frustration and avoidance, especially when working with a customer who is hard to satisfy.

Then there’s the question of method. Photoshop is tried and true but takes time and skill. Design software like Finao’s Playmate, Fundy, offers specific tools and convenience, but that’s a moot point if your creative genius just doesn’t run in that direction.

In the past year we’ve been listening hard to what our customers want and need from their album company. By popular demand, in late 2018 we introduced Finao’s Album Design Service. It was a new concept for us, so naturally we had initial reservations about work flow and customer satisfaction, pricing and delivery times.

Our worries were unfounded–it has worked out beautifully! Last week I touched base with some of the customers who have used our service and am thrilled that 100% of them had a great experience! Here’s what they thought:

We are fortunate to work with a talented and experienced US-based album designer. Customers agree:

I worked with Karen and she was fantastic! Her layout recommendations were great and she was easy to work with.”


I really loved the design – very beautifully done!”


I love the two books that you designed. Both albums had zero changes by us.  Great job. 


The low cost of just $100 is attractive too:

The design process was great! I was paying a bit more with another design service before I realized I could order straight from Finao, where I was already going to be ordering the albums from anyway. The process was fantastic!”


Some people are comforted by unlimited revisions, knowing that getting it just right will not increase their cost:

I loved the album design service very much. It was not only easy to use, but the design was outstanding, and I appreciate there are unlimited revisions, although I only needed one!”


C.B. is working on her first design but is already planning ahead. For her the option to have her client work directly with us on revisions is attractive:

“So far so good. I enjoyed having a link that I could send my clients. I hope this stays as started because I will absolutely use Finao to do all the design plus printing. I am very excited about this feature!!”


And B.L. captured our goals in one perfect comment:

I wanted to increase more interest in albums and needed a new sample, so after reviewing my choices of companies, Finao won hands down due to quality, options, and of course the album design service.”


I hope that your colleagues’ comments provide the inspiration and reassurance you need to try our Design Service. Use it now, and when the wedding-season rush comes you will already have a familiar, time-saving tool to help meet deadlines and save your sanity!

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