Wall Art Finao Style

Finao has long been “not just albums anymore”, but this year we deliver on that. Introducing the Finao Solo—a collection of luxury wall art designed for the customer who knows that your work is a masterpiece and wants a presentation that does it justice. Designed to capture life, Solo is a people pleaser – perfect for portraits, boudoir, maternity, newborns, seniors, or for a focal wedding image to complement your beautiful album.

photo credit: Jason Marino

You’ll love Finao Solo

These pieces can’t help but make a statement. This elegant line is in a class of its own, letting you offer customers unique, museum-quality visuals—your original artwork in our exclusive finishes. Each Solo presents one of Finao’s most popular effects with simple elegance, for a high level of aesthetic appeal. These craftsman pieces are well-constructed and highlight the work of our amazingly skilled printers.

float back

Your choice of Solo finish is backed with a matte black, inset frame that floats the artwork 1.25” above the wall. Accent lighting will complement the three-dimensional look. Comes ready to place with a sawtooth hanger.

Solo is available in four of our favorite customizable cover-upgrade styles:

Ice – photo credit: Jason Marino

ICETM ICE is a clear acrylic panel with a metallic print bonded to the underside. The lifelike colors and detail of the metallic print immediately catch your eye. The effect is strikingly natural, highlighting the energy of your subject with high contrasts that exaggerate highlights and shadows. ICE has beautifully finished smooth beveled edges, is scratch resistant, and cleans easily. A beautiful choice for a wide range of subjects and image styles.

Amour – photo credit: Jason Marino

ArmourTM Armour is created by applying metallic print emulsion to a brushed aluminum panel. This method results in a deep matte finish with high contrast that exaggerates highlights and shadows, lending Armour a modern industrial appearance. The extra thickness is rugged, resists scratches and dents, and is finished with a protective coating for long-lasting permanence. Armour covers are a beautiful choice for black & white, monochromatic, sepia, and muted tone images.

Canvas – photo credit: Jason Marino

Canvas We hand wrap premium fine art canvas on metal to create a streamlined piece with classic natural texture. Our cotton-poly canvas is 21.5mil, 415 g/m², acid- and OBA-free, and archival-certified. The opaque, matte finish has excellent D-max tones for spectacular highlights and an extended color gamut with our professional pigment-based inks. Canvas is water, scratch, and crack resistant, and finished with an additional protective coating for an heirloom product.

Erotika – photo credit: Jason Marino

ErotikaTM Erotika is a direct ink-on-metal image. It differs from the Armour™ cover in that the image distinctively becomes one with the metal. About 10% of the highlight areas drop out to reveal the lightly brushed, metal sheen beneath. Erotika pairs well with both color and black & white but is best with images that exhibit a wide range of tonal values and well-placed highlights. Take extra care when handling to avoid scratches on this beauty as there is no protective coating.

photo credit: Jason Marino

“WOW! Gorgeous stuff! …They are absolutely unbelievable!”

Jason & Joanne Marino

Finao customers Jason and Joanne Marino of Imagine Photography have the first production Solo samples—their images are featured in our product photos. Jason’s first response when he got them was “WOW! Gorgeous stuff! …They are absolutely unbelievable!” Jason and Joanne gave photographers at their recent workshop in Tucson a first look, and Solo was a definite hit.

Solo wall art is this year’s best studio sample to add to your collection.
One look and you know they’ll sell themselves!

See Solo in action – video by Eze Creative

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