Introducing Barnwood, the first of our new materials for 2019

Welcome to 2019!

As promised, we’re refreshing our material options. Your new customers will have the attractive choices you’ve requested, and your loyal customers get a fresh selection.

Wood is a natural material that never goes out of style, coordinating well with changing decor. It’s a choice to love today and years from now. Our current wood selection includes natural honey bamboo, ash blonde birch, warm cherry, and cool dark walnut. We’re complementing these with the rustic look of barnwood.

Present your images in a setting that gives them a backstory. What material better suits an heirloom than one full of the richness and texture of age, suggesting 100 years of experience and character. Barns were the center of farm life, and the look of authentic, turn of the century aged barnwood suggests the passing of time, the life of a family, and the perseverance and ingenuity of the early American settlers.

Or maybe your customers will love it simply for the appearance of weathered beauty, distressed style, and the raised-grain texture of reclaimed wood.

Our selection of Barnwood colors includes:

  • Grey Oak – a medium tone with the natural weathered hue of a century-old barn,
  • Brown Oak – a medium tone with the warm patina of a historic tavern,
  • and Smoked Oak – a cool, deep charcoal-brown shade suggesting years of seasoning.

You can choose Barnwood for our Tribeca matted portrait box, and as a cover panel for the ONE album and the Chelsea box. If you have other Barnwood ideas, contact customer service to see what we can create together.

Stay tuned for more possibilities like linen textures, pale, natural tones, contemporary shades of grey, pink, or blue, and exciting additions like unique wall art.

How can you have a say?

We are your album company. There is still time to share your thoughts and suggestions. Email your ideas and questions to, with the subject line “Change is Good.” Or use the form below. We may not be able to respond to every email, but you can be sure we are listening.

Together we are in the business of making the world more beautiful. Finao values individuality, customization, and self-expression; we will always work with you to make sure that is possible.

We want to help you have it all.

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