The Humans of Finao – Bethany Pernak

  Meet the people who make the magic happen.

Bethany Pernak | Jedi Apprentice
Bethany Pernak | Jedi Apprentice

The first time I met Bethany I thought she had a personality that would calm a raging sea. We couldn’t make a better choice for our newest Customer Solutions Specialist.

If you have called our office in Michigan lately, you’ve had the chance to see what I mean. One of our newest Finaons, Bethany joined the team in August (on her wedding anniversary). She came to us with experience teaching 2nd and 4th grades, so it’s easy to understand why she is a fantastic teacher and problem solver, and so laid back and patient.

She clearly has a talent for taking care of people, and critters. Bethany and her husband Bobby are parents to beautiful 10-month-old Violet. They also share their home with five rescue dogs and four rescue cats. Walter, her 10-year-old Golden Doodle has settled in nicely as one of the Finao house dogs. Amazingly she has energy left for all of us!

Walter the Golden Doodle

I’m impressed with how quickly Bethany has fit into our family and embraced the work that we do. After only six weeks she feels she has found a home at Finao. She says “I’m really proud to work at a company that stands behind their products the way we do. When I talk to customers, I know that what I’m saying is true–that we use sustainable materials, and we take great care in making our products and believe in them. How great is it to work in a place that means the things they say?”

She has many other natural talents, so you may meet Bethany at a future trade show. In the meantime, she carries the torch for our gold-standard customer service. For all Finaons, she is only a phone call or email away.

Dropping album knowledge on the masses

Getting to know Bethany…

  • Hometown: I was born in Ann Arbor, Michigan, grew up nearby in Ypsilanti and Belleville, and now live in Pinckney
  • Childhood ambition: To be a movie star or a singer—something amazing and dramatic!
  • First job: A waitress at a little Middle Eastern restaurant
  • Inspiration: Now, my daughter. But I have always found inspiration all around me in the people and beauty in the world.
  • Gifted at: Building relationships with people. And I’m creatively inclined—I once studied film production and was in a couple of bands.
  • Biggest challenge: Balancing life, time with family, work, for myself
  • Guilty pleasure: Binge watching horror movies
  • Perfect day: At the lake with my family and the dogs, peaceful and relaxed.
  • Favorite drink: Rootbeer. And Sage Against the Machine, a whiskey-maple-sage cocktail at the Jolly Pumpkin
  • Favorite food: Everything! Bread. Any sandwich from Zingerman’s Deli
  • Favorite ice-cream: Salted-caramel truffle
  • Favorite music: 70’s rock & roll—I love Fleetwood Mac
  • Favorite movie: Parenthood with Steve Martin
  • Favorite sports team: College football—Michigan State
  • IOS or Android: Apple
  • Dogs or cats: Dogs mostly, but both.
  • My travel bucket list: Machu Pichu
  • Tattoo(s): None
  • I’ve never done but would like to try: Playing my guitar. I have done it, but I’d like to get really good.
  • Finao Life: 44 days!
  • The best part of my job: My co-workers—they make a difference. Lynsey and I especially just clicked. I’m usually shy, but everyone here is really welcoming and accepts you. That’s a cool thing that doesn’t exist everywhere.

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