New Boho matted album a modern classic

Boho wedding album by Finao

Finao’s Boho album is an unconventional take on the conventional pagemount-style matted album. Old is new again by bringing you an easy way to design and order a traditional album, once a complicated and time-consuming process, and adding the forward looks that say Finao while preserving time-honored details like trimming and hand-mounting each photograph to float within the frame of the mat.

Boho is a matted album, but rather than the mats overlaying the edges of each print, the prints are individually trimmed and hand-mounted to your choice of mat liner (black, cream, gray, white) and each window in the matboard is cut a bit larger to serve as a frame around the liner color and your print inset within.

Finao doesn’t require you to use any special software to design or order the Boho album, and just like our award-winning nextONE matted album, is as easily designed as a flush mount album. No more complicated page configurations, no more labeling and mailing prints. This album delivers on all the timeless quality your clients demand, and gives you an efficient, easy way to provide that.

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