MORE BOXES – complete with shiny sale price

If you’re coming to Portrait Masters then you will be able to see these beauties up close and personal like. If not, oh look, PICTURES (and you will have to wait until the next convention or show near you for all the up close and personal like).

In the meantime, and to entice into trying them out, we are offering up a SALE. That’s right, if you want to try them out NOW, you can get 20% off your Seldex Portrait Box Set order. Use the super, duper, magical code of SELDEX20BOXSET (clever, eh?) at check out and WHABAM. Instant savings! Totes simple and why have you not done it yet? *taps foot, looks at watch* Go ahead, I’ll wait.

Oh, more info you say? Sure, sure…here ya go:


  • Two box sizes: 8×10 & 11×14
  • Minimum: 3 boxes
  • Each box includes 10 identical slip-in mats (no mixing & matching, savvy?)
  • FREE studio embossing from typeset or die*
    (*Die set-up fee not included, because there is always something not included)
  • Three box colors: black, natural, or white
  • Two mat colors: white or black
  • Mat accents: plain or v-groove


SOLD! Right this way to claim your product —-> PRODUCT CLAIM

Still not convinced? Well, you have until the end of the day, October 6th, 2017 (that’s Eastern time, FYI) to make up your mind. After that <POOF> your magical discount code is GONE. Just like Keyser Söze.

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