New Slip-In Album Perfect for IPS

Get Invogue with Seldex’s newest slip-in matted album! Invogue Albums are the ideal presentation option for for those photographers wanting a beautiful matted album that is easy to assemble, and also one that can be kept on hand in your studio for immediate client delivery. This style of album has become increasingly popular with those photographers following Sue Bryce’s Reveal Wall style of selling where clients are shown printed images at their viewing and they then select their favorites. The photographer can then finish assembling the album and the client can take their completed printed purchases away with them.

Invogue is a great album choice for photographers who practice in-person sales (IPS), or follow the Sue Bryce Reveal Wall method.

Invogue’s sleek design is suited to a number of popular print sizes and features 1″ of matting around each of your prints. Simply slide your prints in and fix with double-sided adhesive to seal.  Standard capacities hold 10, 20 or 30 prints, and custom capacity is also available up to 60 prints.

Print Size:

  • 5×7
  • 7×10
  • 8×10
  • 8×12
  • 10×14
  • 11×14


  • 5 leaves/10 page-sides
  • 10 leaves/20 page-sides
  • 15 leaves/30 page-sides
  • Max for custom capacity is 30 leaves/60 page-sides
Black and white rag mats have a soft pebbled texture.
Black or white bevel-cut mats have a linen texture, and because the core of the mat is made from the opposing color, the color is visible around the edges of the opening when it’s cut at an angle. Beveled edges add a tiny pop and extra interest.

Invogue is also the perfect accompaniment to your favorite Seldex products as it will share all the same cover options to coordinate with your Portfolio Boxes, USBs and Portrait Envelopes. For a similar slip-in album made by Finao using Finao cover materials, see the Reveal album. The mats for the Invogue album are pre-fixed to the page, so no assembly is required other than inserting your prints. Mats come in black or white rag, and black or white with opposing color bevel-cut edge. Optional ribbon tie and studio embossing of your logo complete the presentation.

Optional ribbon ties add a touch of class to your Invogue album.
Don’t forget to brand your work! Products are traveling billboards that get shown to like-minded potential clients. Create a die of your studio logo to be used on your products by clicking this photo.

Order yours now!





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