New cover materials for Seldex products

Seldex just added some new cover materials to their range!  We just adore them and know you will too!

13 new linens were added! These can be used on all Seldex products including the Portfolio Box, Gallery Albums, USB Print Boxes and more.

These are the new additions. The full range can be viewed on any Seldex product information page via

8 new leathers for your Gallery albums are available too!

New leathers for Seldex Gallery albums. Click to view full range of options.

We’ve also added a few additional foil colors for your studio and personalized embossing!

We also need to say goodbye to a few things. The Twin-Set option for Seldex Gallery albums has been discontinued, along with a few cover materials:

  • Ebony Saturn Leatherette
  • Cappacino Saturn Leatherette
  • Black Pearl Asahi
  • Nightshade Asahi
  • Ebony Avant Garde Leather
  • Ivory Avant Garde Leather

Please have a back-up choice prepared as stock may be limited.





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