Fall Trend report 2016 part the fourth: The grande finale where I give up the ghost

Well, if you’ve been following along this week, you’ve seen what happens when Lisa is left all alone on her side of the office with no one to talk to other than aloe plants* and birds outside at the bird feeder.

“Oh, hello little guy. Aren’t you a handsome fellow? No, wait! Don’t go!”….sigh

Where was I?

Oh yes, our final installment of the Pantone Fall color challenge is GHOST! OOoooOOOooooOOo…too soon?


Time to see what I can dig up here at the office that might fit the bill.


My top picks for this one go to:

  1. Narcism (fabric from the Addiction collection)
  2. Crumpet (fabric from the Wonderland collection)
  3. Girlie Girl (leather from the Tricycle Alley collection)
  4. Feather Pillow (leather from the Zumanity collection)
  5. Whitesnake (non-leather from the Eclectic Looks collection)

And skipping to the part where I show you the goods…


At the bottom we have our Xcetera folio in Whitesnake. The middle is a ONE flush mount album in Girlie Girl. The top is a playBOOK album in Narcism. If you remember yesterday’s post, we also had a 2Tone featuring Girlie Girl and Aquadisiac. You can go check it out here if you’d like, go ahead, I’ll wait.


If you missed any part of this inspirational challenge series, and are joining us here for the first time, you can catch up here: Camper palette, Sunset palette, and Seaglass palette.

That’s about all I’ve got for you this week friends. Go forth my minions! Confident in the fact that when the Pantone Bridezilla arrives at your studio, you are armed with the necessary tools to slay this evil. *throws swatches in the face of evil*

Until next time…Toodles!

L :l

*PS: My super power is breeding aloe plants. If you need/want/gotta have one, I can totally hook you up. They are legion and they are watching me. I’m skeered….send help. *whispers* “Hold me.”


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