Fall Trend Report 2016 pt 3: Where Pantone turns me into a mermaid

Ok, well not really. But if I was going to turn myself into a mermaid, I would totally shop the Mertailor because his stuff is AWESOME! But I digress.

No friends, today we are inspired by Pantone’s new Seaglass palette from their 2016 Fall Trend report. Let’s have a look-see, shall we?


So calm, so serene, I’m getting one of those fancy drinks with fruit and umbrellas for lunch! Before I do that, however, let’s see what I can find around the office that might fit our Seaglass challenge today.



Today’s picks go to:

  1. Saffron (leather from the Tricycle Alley collection)
  2. Aquadisiac (leather from the Tricycle Alley collection)
  3. Trevi (leather from the Accents collection)
  4. Brass Monkey (leather from the Nines plus one collection)
  5. Into the Sea (fabric from the Paraphernalia collection)

Beach combing the office, I came across these lovely treasures in action.


On the bottom we have a ONE flush mount album in Aquadisiac & Girlie Girl leather (we’ll see her again when we talk about our final palette challenge) and a playBOOK flush mount in Into the Sea fabric. The thing I like best about the Into the Sea fabric, that is really hard to tell just looking at the swatches, is how ENOURMOUS and random its patterning is. No two books covered in Into the Sea will look the same. For example…


Our book from above, paired with a smaller playBOOK in the same material. Different cuts of the fabric will yield subtle pattern and color shifts. If consistency is important to you, however, she might not be the material for you. You definitely need a sense of adventure with this one.

That’s all I’ve got for today’s challenge. What do you think? If you missed our Camper or Sunset challenges, go have a look. Otherwise I’ll see you again for our final Ghost palette challenge.


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