Fall Trend Report 2016 pt. 2: Today we take a look at Pantone’s Sunset palette.

Welcome to part two of our Fall Trend Report, or as I like to refer to it..Pantone vs. Finao FIGHT!

Well, not so much of a fight really but an inspirational journey and a colorful meeting of the minds. Yup, that’s it. SO, let’s take a look at what our colors are today. Get ready for some Sunset!


Alright, we have established our official Pantone selections. Now let’s see what I can come up with <insert rustling and banging noises and the occasional @#%!>



Here’s my top picks for this challenge.

  1. Instant Karma (fabric from the Paraphernalia collection)
  2. Stilleto (fabric from the Addiction collection)
  3. Crush (fabric from the Addiction collection)
  4. Radiance (fabric from the Opulence collection)
  5. Lusterin’ Hot (suede from the Urban Legends collection)

Not a bad start but let’s see some of these puppies in action. <insert more rustling and banging and occasional @#%!s>



On the bottom of that stack we have one of our Marilyn print boxes in Crush. In the middle is a playBOOK in Stiletto and on top is another playBOOK in Radiance.

And that is our Sunset challenge for today. How did we do? Stay tuned for more fun Fall Pantone inspirations to come, don’t forget to check out part one if you missed it where we got inspired by the Pantone Camper palette.

Next up…Seaglass. I feel like a mermaid already. Can’t wait!

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