Trend Report Fall 2016 pt 1: Finao takes on Pantone’s Camper palette

Fall is right around the corner and I’m seeing fashion trend reports everywhere. Since I haven’t done one of these in awhile, I thought it might be fun. So, here goes…

Today we using as our inspiration the Camper palette from Pantone’s Fall 2016 trend report.


So what have we got? Here’s my top picks from our Finao collections



  1. Willow Tree (leather from the Tricycle Alley collection)
  2. Asphyxia (fabric from the Addiction collection)
  3. Mardi Gras (fabric from the Paraphernalia collection)
  4. Green Room (non-leather from the Garbo collection)
  5. Hypnotique (fabric from the Addiction collection)

Let’s see some of this in action.


IMG_2049Lying around the office I found a 9×6 Elements in Hypnotique and 12×9 playBOOk with ribbon tie in Asphyxia. Not a bad little match if I do say so meself.

How do you think we did?

L :l

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