2015 Discontinued Materials

The Middle Earth Collection

Sadly, we are saying goodbye to some of our very first non-leather materials. They are now marked as discontinued, but available while supplies last. PLEASE UNDERSTAND, THESE ARE NOT GONE FOR NOW.  We have lots and lots of stock of MANY of these materials so most of them will remain available for at least a year or two, a few may be gone before the holidays based on demand.

The materials from the following collections will not be replenished as stock is depleted:

  • Addiction
  • Brocades
  • Eclectic Looks
  • Garbo
  • Haute Colour
  • Middle Earth
  • Accents

Please continue to offer these materials and just be aware that you may need a second choice as stock diminishes over time. As long as you see them in the online order form, or listed on a product’s cover options, they are still available. For quick reference you can view a live spreadsheet on Google Drive that we’ll keep up-to-date with current material status.

Note – The following materials have had their stock depleted and are no longer available 😦

(LIST UPDATED 6/06/2017)

  • Accents – Ipinema (leather)
  • Accents – Sagebrush Lizard (leather)
  • The Nines – Hurricane (leather)
  • The Nines – Wallflower (leather)
  • Zumanity – Feather Pillow (leather)
  • Zumanity – Satin Sheets (leather)
  • Addiction – Crave (fabric)
  • Brocades – Argento (fabric)
  • Brocades – Black Pearl (fabric)
  • Brocades – Lion’s Gate (fabric)
  • Brocades – Moonflower (fabric)
  • Brocades – Sultan Spice (fabric)
  • Eclectic Looks – Patent Temptation (leatherette)
  • Garbo – Black Gold (fabric)
  • Garbo – Platinum Blonde (fabric)
  • Haute Colour – Cristal (fabric)
  • Haute Colour – Mink (fabric)
  • Paraphernalia – French Quarter (fabric)
  • Middle Earth – Black Magic (leatherette)
  • Middle Earth – Brandywine (leatherette)
  • Middle Earth – Green Eyed Girl (leatherette)
  • Middle Earth – Pot-O-Gold (leatherette)
  • Middle Earth – White Downs (leatherette)


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