Slip-in Mats now in 10-packs!

With in-person sales back on the rise in the photography industry, more and more photographers are looking to present a finished product to their clients in order to separate themselves from the massive influx of the shoot & burn model that’s flooded the industry in recent years.  Whether they are used simply for reveals, or they are part of the finished package and delivered in something like Seldex’s Portfolio Box or The Marilyn by Finao, mounted prints are a super important first step and high-quality slip-in mats are regarded as a fantastic solution.

These beautiful mats are made by Seldex in Australia.  Finao distributes them in North America so you can order without any headaches or additional costs that are typically associated with international shipping. These 100% rag mats are acid and lignum free, and of gorgeous quality with a 4-ply top mat and a backboard.  Your print simply slips in from the slit at the top and is ready to stand on display.

Prints are easily slipped in between the top mat and backboard.
Prints are easily slipped in between the top mat and backboard.

Slip-in mats can be ordered 2 ways:

  • Seldex offers 25-packs of any of their mats. White, Black, V-groove accent, anything you need.  These are shipped from Seldex to Finao, then to you so turn around may be up to 2 weeks.  Use this option if you want to stock-up.
  • If 25 is too many, or the turn-around is too long, Finao has a stock of a few of the most popular options that we’ve broken into 10-packs and can typically ship to you next business day from our Michigan office.

NOTE: Mats are also available AS PART OF YOUR PORTFOLIO BOX ORDER, you can choose any quantity and mix and match opening sizes, so if you want five mats for 7x10s and five for 8x12s, you’ve got it.  They will all be the same color and size to fit your box.  See the mat options, colors and sizes on the Portfolio Box information page under Mat Options. These mats are also size-compatible with The Marilyn envelope by Finao.

You can order the 10-packs or 25-packs from the slip-in mat order form found under the Presentation menu at


Slip-in Mats are perfect for in person sales for portrait photography, senior photos, newborn photography, boudoir and more.

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